love #2

"Melissa. That's her name. She looked crazy-hot. You know, she's one of those persons you'll remember if you just see her walking down the street towards you. And she danced, god how she danced. Red, old fashion dress and high heels. She was a real killer. And right, I tried to play it cool and act not interested, but hey. Sometimes you just have to take the chance before she leaves. Cause she could have. But yet she stayed and talked and danced with me all night long and i followed her to her doorstep like a real gentlemen. Then we kissed."

"- You want some coffie?
- I want you.

She looked at me and bit the tip of her lip, probably as an attempt to be sexy. It worked. Totally. I left the room without giving her as much as a kiss, despite the butterflies in my heart. My mission was for her to follow me and force her love on me. It worked. Totally."

"Once again I had no clue what to give her on her birthday. I desided on a necklace, one of those you can put something in. Then I wrote a note to put in there. I wrote; You've changed me. I give you my heart. Happy birthday Melissa."


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