love #7

"Carmen. I met Carmen after our breakup. Again. She's cute. On our first date she had a black little tight dress and silvercoulored flats. Her blonde hair was just like on those pictures of models you see in magazines, and she had a million dollar smile. She had the classic french fingertips and long eyelashes. Those lashes framed her beautiful blue eyes and they were glistening like stars. Our conversations never ended and she wanted to meet me again. But she was nothing like you."

"Saturday the 20th of November. 22:34 pm. It's snowing. Again. But today I really like it, cause today I've done nothing at all except having dinner by myself and opened a great bottle of wine which is almost empty. I'm reading a great book now called Winter by Kendra Johnson, a collection of her greatest shortstories. I can only imagine how you must feel being able to create a world that so many people appreciate and love. And it's only yours. It's the third time I'm reading this book in November, it has sort of become a tradition. In the fifth of the seven shortstories she writes about a cancerpatient. This patient. Everybody feel so sorry for her. Bring her flowers and cry on her behalf. She on the other hand is a very happy person. So, this shortstory about a cancerpatient, her name is Ally. You get to follow a wrighter who's interviewing different people who's in different periods of their life. In this particular shortstory the wrighter enter Allys room and you get to follow their conversation and flashbacks in her life. Then towards the ending it sounds like this:

Still sitting in the room with Ally, still amazed by her story. By her life. And yet I can't help but question how that girl can have a smile on her face. Her life is ending. And she seems so happy, happier then most of the persons I've met doing these interviews. Most people I've ever met actually.
- You're so happy, I said to her smiling.
- Yes, I am. She smiled back at me, her eyes glowing.
- This may sound rude, but how can someone who is laying in a hospital bed... No, sorry.
- Please continue.
I stayed quiet, cause I couldn't say the words that almost slipped out of my mouth. But this Ally, who has touched my heart forever, anwserd my not still asked question without being asked.
- It's about living your life. Take one day at a time, and love every second of it. It's about taking care of what you have while you still have it. It's about never stop dreaming. Never stop laughing. Always have a smile on your face. Because you know what? The disease can take you away from home, from your friends and family. It can take away your job, your dog, your boyfriend, your fashionable clothing and nights out. But the disease can never take away your dreams. If you let it, it will, but I won't. I will not let it steal away my happiness too. I won't. But I will get back on track, I will be cured. And when I'm walking down the street with my fashionable clothes on my way for a night out, I will be so greatful. Just to be alive.
I stayed quiet, looking out the window, cause if I looked at her I swear I would burst into tears.
- And thank you miss Heather. I had so much fun today, talking to you. It was like having a girlfriend over for a glass of chardonnay. And you treated me like a person, not a patience. You talk to me as if I actually will get better and get out there again.
I looked at her, and her eyes were filled with tears, as she said two more words before I left.
- Thank you.

I love that novel. She gives me hope in the winter cold. Cause after reading this shortstory, I always take a walk. And when I meet a girl walking on the street on her way out in the winternight looking all dressed up, I smile and I pretend that I just met Ally and that her dream came true. That she was cured. Cause I want to believe she was."

Postat av: Pä

this is some crazy good writing marcus.. !

2010-12-15 @ 23:23:19

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