love #6

"I'm counting the days, the minutes, the seconds since tha last time we met. It's 23 days, 47 minutes and 35 seconds. Why is it that you always do things like this when it's to late? Why do you keep holding on to never? She told me she never wanted to see me again. I guess I don't want to belive that. And I'm counting the days to prove her wrong."

"Yet again, after our breakup, I was really sad. But something in me started to shine again, and that's probably why I realized how much you mean to me when it was to late to realize such things. This wall that I'd created wanished. And I stood naked. Alone. It was enlightening, this nakedness. When I looked in th mirror, the shame was gone. I was free to love again."

"She moved out quickly. All her stuff were gone in just a couple of days. After three weeks I found one of her scarfs. It was a red scarf with white little details in the edges. The scarf. It smelled just like her."

Postat av: Sara L.

Marcus, skriv en bok och ge den till mig. Jag lovar och svär att jag kommer bli ditt största fan.

2010-08-31 @ 12:01:49
Postat av: Marcus M.

Sara, dina kommentarer gör mig så lycklig! Kanske att jag ska ta och göra det, precis så som vi sa idag. Rätt vad det är bara.

2010-08-31 @ 18:40:33

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