love #4

"On my way to my parents. She stayed in New York. Not that I had invited her to come to my parents for Christmas but if she would've asked I would've said yes. I think. Usually I didn't talk to much with my parents about girls, and this case was a classic scenario. They had no clue about Melissa. Therefore I didn't have to worry about tricky questions and how to anwser them without being judged as a mean player or married old man. I could just be me. That's partly what I love about going home to Pennsylvania. It's just as it always was. Home."

"The first thing I did to screw us up was probably when I kissed Carmen. Melissa never knew, but I did. That created this wall between us. I was so ashamed, I shut her out. Just a little, every day. I wanted her, someway, not to love me unlimited. Because she deseved better."

Postat av: Sara L.

Men vad är det för underbar bok du läser? Egentligen?

2010-08-29 @ 23:50:07
Postat av: Marcus M.

Haha, va fin du är. Boken heter inget än, på grund av det faktum att det inte är en bok än. Men det kanske kan bli? Det är bara jag som skriver :)

2010-08-30 @ 12:44:42
Postat av: Sara L.

Marcus, jag älskar dig. Gift dig med mig.

2010-08-30 @ 19:47:09

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