"I thought about it when I went out the door and continued my way down the street. It was so easy being inlove with someone, but to love was so much more difficult. When she looked me in the eyes and said I love you I felt nothing. Before she'd said it I felt tons of things, but it was as if all the air disappeard from my lungs and I stood there, quiet and couldn't breathe with a feeling of nothing inside of me. Is she the one? I had to ask myself the question that's been so obivious just a few seconds before ten minutes ago. As soon as she started to love me i started to question things. Us. This. As I continued towards a store down at 2nd and Madison I saw several couples. And I never noticed people. Suddenly, after she started to love me, there were love everywhere, and it was spreading like the plauge."

"After our breakup I got the answer to my question. She was the one. And now I was, to her, no one. Funny where life take us. But it sure hell got it's sense of humor. It was no point in me trying to fix things, they were to broken. But it was sad. I cried two nights in a row. Then the first snow came."

"She was like nothing you've ever seen. Their wedding was amazing. Can two people really have the same the one? If not, her husband was making the biggest mistake of his life. Cause she still had my heart caught."

Postat av: Anaya

They are all something, something special. But in some way i really liked the first one i have to say, but then again i dont know if its just because that was the one u read out loud to me. They all feel like they have a purpuse and a meaning in a way, well it feels like it atleast, and i just cant wait for the follow ups. Sleep well my darling.

2010-08-31 @ 00:26:00

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